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Just one of the many aircraft 'parks'at AMARC

F-16s even!
C-27, aka G-222
F-111E - an Upper Heyford veteran

Winter Sun...

Part two: Tom McGhee visits Arizona

For many aviation enthusiasts Arizona is a "must visit" place if only for the vast collection of aircraft stored at AMARC. The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Centre is situated at Davis Monthan AFB, on the outskirts of Tucson. The dry desert atmosphere means that aircraft will suffer very little corrosion if kept outside for long periods, while the hard packed desert soil means that there is space to park many thousands of aircraft without having to construct huge concrete dispersals.

A-10 B-47 B-58 C-124
F-5 F-84 H-34 OV-10

To appreciate the enormity of the site, an overflight is recommended from one of the operators at Tucson International Airport. These flights take less than an hour and give you a marvellous view of AMARC and the surrounding areas.

Scrapped H-34sBus tours around AMARC are run from the nearby Pima Air and Space Museum, these tours last an hour and give you a good insight into the workings of AMARC as well as a close view of many of the aircraft. These tours are very popular so booking ahead would be advisable.


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