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Vulcan XM594, pride of the museum

Winthorpe wonders
One of several Canberras
F-100D, ex-French Air Force
Gargantuan Gannet
Hastings, flown into Winthorpe 1977
Lightning twin-seater
One of the two MiGs that arrived in 2002
Swift, one of the earliest exhibits at Winthorpe
T-33, ex-French Air Force

Newark's Air Museum

Lee Blake reports from the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border. Pictures by the author and Gary Parsons

The museum itself stands in the corner of Winthorpe Airfield, a former Second World War RAF bomber station. It is the largest volunteer managed aviation museum in the UK.

The museum justifiably boasts over sixty aircraft and cockpits from across the history of aviation, extensive undercover displays of aircraft, as well as artefacts and aero engines, but there is much more to see and enjoy at this museum that in 2003 recently celebrated 30 years of official public opening.

Amongst its fine display of exhibits sits Avro Vulcan XM594, one of the finest examples to be preserved in the UK, and Avro Shackleton WR977, one of only four of its type to be preserved. For a small extra charge, both of these magnificent Avro creations can be viewed inside.

One of the more recent arrivals, Wessex HC2 XV728In 2002 the museum took charge of two Cold War aircraft - the Mig-27K Flogger and the Mig-23ML. Two aircraft that had been on the Museum's wish-list for a number of years, they have been placed on loan to the museum and have proved to be very popular exhibits.

With the new display hangar recently completed and due for completion in the summer of 2004 (see news), Newark's Air Museum will now be amongst the leading aviation museums in the UK. For further information visit the museum's website.


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