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Here you will find a series of historic features and articles, some with rose-tinted spectacles, some with a tear in the eye, some just because they needed telling...

  Those were the Days. Mick Britton reviews the halcyon days of USAFE Open Days.
  Swooping Hawks. Mick Britton looks at the display history of the RAF's solo Hawk.
  T5 Alive! Kevin Russ looks at Cranfield's sole remaining Lightning.
  Tornado times. Mick Britton reviews the display career of the mud-moving variant of the RAF Tornado.
  The Legend of Bravo November. Gary Parsons looks at the career record of Chinook ZA718/BN, perhaps the RAF's most significant operational aircraft today.
  Twenty years of F3 displays. Mick Britton looks at the display history of the RAF's ADV Tornado.
  After BRIXMIS. Bob Archer reflects on the falling of the Berlin Wall and the aviation treasures of the early nineties in Eastern Europe.
  A most active Shackleton. Howard Heeley looks at Newark Air Museum's Shackleton on the thirtieth anniversary of its move to Nottinghamshire.
  Airborne Early Warning: the temporary solution! Tim Senior looks at the Shackleton's last role in the shape of the AEW2.
  Harrier Heroes. Gary Parsons talks to Harrier pilots about their experiences in the Falklands campaign.
  Victorious Black Buck. Gary Parsons looks at the unsung heroes of the Black Buck missions, the crews of the Victor tankers.
  The Falklands legacy. Mick Britton looks at how the Falklands War shaped many aviation aspects of the RAF in the 80s and 90s.
  Twelve years of Waddington wonders. Jim Baker looks at the first twelve years of Waddington's modern-day airshow before the 2007 event.
  Linton lines. Mick Britton looks back at past families' days and graduation flypasts at this buzzing Yorkshire base.
  April fool #2! Now a six-yearly tradition, have a look at what may be stranger than fiction...
  Luvverlee Jubilee! Mike Hall recalls the Silver Jubilee Review of the RAF held at Finningley, thirty years ago!
  The Last, Last Lightning era. Tim Senior looks back twenty years to the last days of the Lightning at Binbrook.
  Modern day veteran. Howard Heeley looks at the career of the Newark Aircraft Museum's Sea Harrier ZA176.
  Hunting the Habu. Bob Archer looks back at those halcyon days when Blackbirds lived at Mildenhall.
  My first airshow... Tom McGhee pines for those Air Fete days...
  The Beamont files. An interview with legendary test pilot Roland Beamont a few months before his passing.
  Taking things for granted... Howard Heeley looks back at a day at Alconbury in the late 1970s.
  Living with the Wolf Pack. The late Roger Freeman recalls his wartime youth.
  Flying free at Koksijde 2003. Philip Henden recalls a memorable day.
  When Bears roamed Suffolk. Graham Haynes remembers more active times in the Suffolk countryside - F-16s at Bentwaters.
  Avant Avalon. Graham Mison looks back at the precursor to today's Avalon Airshow, the 1988 event at Richmond.
  Kiwis can fly! Mike Jorgenson recalls his training days in New Zealand.
  On the wings of love... Roger Cook waxes lyrical. Oo-er missus
Just the ticket! Bill Turner flies Concorde, just months before its retirement.
Silent Sentinel. Gary Parsons tells the tale of an A1 milestone.
Resinate resident in Kuwait. Doug Pritchard gives an insight into a modern-day Middle-Eastern deployment.

Five days, five bases. Stefan Niehaus blitzes Germany one July.

Aussie F-4s. Bob La Roche looks at the RAAF's brief tenure of the F-4E.
Beauty or Beast? Tom McGhee assesses the good, the bad and the ugly of aircraft design.
Desperately Seaking Seacat. Gary Parsons updates a previous encounter.
Phinal Phlight! Paul Hughes tells the tale of a low-flying Phantom.
April fool! Sorry, we couldn't resist it.
Of Wild Geese & Harriers. John Partridge experiences an early-season airshow at Rutland Water.
Bentwaters remembered. Graham Haynes' excellent CD-ROM is previewed here.
A dream fulfilled. Gill Howie sees her (and many others!) dream come true.
Aurora rumblings? Mike Kerr ponders funny sounds over Suffolk.
Gulf tripping. Tom Ross looks back ten years to the start of the Gulf War.
Nellis' Golden Air Tattoo. Andrew Bates reflects on perhaps the USA's greatest airshow.
Vietnam & the 'Phrog'. John Dullighan reflects on the H46 and life in the Vietnam war.
An Airman's war. Gary Parsons talks to Roy Keen who baled out over Nazi Germany.
The loss of Flight 19. Gary Stedman looks at a famous disappearance on its 55th anniversary.
A day to remember. Graham Robson takes a flight in the company of the late Mark Hanna.
Fabulous Farnborough! A look back to the 1960 show, chock full of great British aircraft.
Catastrophe at Kesgrave. David Keeble reflects on an incident in the fifties.
Backseat in a P-40. Pat Beardmore has the ride of a lifetime.
Tripping in the USA. Gary Stedman reflects on his first stateside venture.
Phantom phantasy flight. Virtual flying over the Lincolnshire countryside.
SeaKing meets SeaCat. A chance encounter over the Channel, September 1999.
Memphis Belle: Ten years on. A look at the filming back in '89.
Red Arrows Silver Anniversary Airshow, 1989. Gary Parsons looks back at the 25th birthday airshow.
Waddington's V-force Nascent. 1959 and the beginnings of the Vulcan era, long before Gary Parsons was born.
Airshows: The Golden Years? Dave Eade takes a look at airshows of the sixties and compares them that of 1998.
Binbrook, ten years after closure. Gary Parsons takes a pilgrimage to the mecca of Thunder and Lightnings in September 1998.
Displaying with the Army Air Corps. Gary Parsons reflects on a rare chance to be part of the flying display at Middle Wallop for this year's International Airshow in June 1998.
'Just Jane', Lincolnshire's other Lancaster. Gary Parsons takes a look at the start of the 1998 series of taxi-runs.

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