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Fabulous Farnborough!

Victor B1 at height...Vulcan scrambleSurely not? Not something that one would normally say about the modern day Farnborough shows, with the predominance of bizjets and same 'new' military types making perhaps their third or fourth appearances before entering service...But this is exactly forty years ago, back in the good ol' days when the British aircraft industry was at its zenith, producing a myriad of new types every year for each first September week to debut. Maybe there is an element of rose tinted spectacles, but who wouldn't turn the clock back...

A series of previously unpublished pictures has come to light of that halcyon year, illustrating what a rich crop of aircraft were on display, all of them emanating from British factories. The fact that a mere ten years later most of the companies would have been absorbed into the new British Aircraft Corporation, and it would only be sixteen years until the multi-national Panavia Tornado venture would signal that international co-operation would be the only way in which Great Britain would be able to build future military aeroplanes...All pictures courtesy of John Robinson.

bloodhound.JPG (27502 bytes)

Bloodhound missile, the latest in air defence

Buccaneer S1, the Navy's latest strike aircraft

buccaneer.JPG (16012 bytes)

diamond9.JPG (17806 bytes)

The 'Black Arrows' display team

Folland's Gnat, entering service with the RAF

gnat.JPG (19562 bytes)
javelin.JPG (21361 bytes) Gloster Javelin, the RAF's main interceptor of the time

English Electric P1B, forerunner of the Lightning

P1B.JPG (18341 bytes)

sc1.JPG (16863 bytes)

Short SC1 VSTOL demonstration aircraft

Hunter T7 of the 'Black Arrows'

t7.JPG (12905 bytes)

xh483th.JPG (16071 bytes)

Vulcan B2 XH483

Jet Provosts

jps.JPG (28425 bytes)

argosy.JPG (11884 bytes)

Argosy, the 'Whistling Wheelbarrow'

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