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30 April 2005 - East Midlands Airport

From 1 May 2004 Latvian aircraft have been able to operate on the European register as Latvia became a full member of the European Union. One year on two aircraft passed through East Midlands recently, as pictured here. Pictures courtesy Michael Hind

30 April 2005 - Robin Hood Airport

On 28 April Robin Hood Airport, previously RAF Finningley, opened for passenger traffic. A welcome increase in activity since the airfield closed in 1996, even though it's Joe Public off on their holidays. Pictures courtesy Glenn Beasley


29 April 2005 - Mildenhall

Only two RC-135U 'Combat Sent' aircraft serve with the USAF, one of which (64-14847) was seen at Mildenhall. The RC-135U provides strategic electronic reconnaissance information to the President, Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense leaders, and theatre commanders. Both RC-135Us are equipped with an aerial refueling system, giving it an unlimited flying range. The aircraft are identified by their distinctive antennae arrays on the 'chin' and wing tips, large cheek fairings, and extended tail. Crew composition includes two pilots, two navigators, two airborne systems engineers, and a minimum of ten electronic warfare officers, or 'Ravens,' and six or more electronic, technical, and area specialists. The aircraft is manned by Air Combat Command crews from the 45th Reconnaissance Squadron and the 97th Intelligence Squadron. Picture by Roger Cook/Pynelea Photo Bureau


24 April 2005 - Meeting of the Titans

Not one, but two, An-124s were present at the same time at Prestwick Airport. More wing area than parking space? Picture courtesy Andy Williams

22 April 2005 - Mildenhall

Last day of activity for the two HH-60Gs deployed to Mildenhall as part of Exercise 'Vanguard'. The two lesser-spotted machines have spent most of the last two weeks operating with the A-10s deployed to Lakenheath and RAF Merlins on CSAR exercises across the country. Such is their expertise at covert operations very few people have actually reported sight of them - it is thought they spent much of their time on the Spadeadam ranges. They will be flown out by C-5 early next week. Picture courtesy Guy Harvey

21 April 2005 - Newark

‘Panelling-up’ is essentially complete on Newark Air Museum’s two newest airframes, Sea Harrier ZA176 and Jetstream XX492.

When the Sea Harrier was acquired last summer, 92 panels were missing. The museum has been able to source 89 of these all of which have now been fitted and work is still ongoing to locate the missing items.

The Jetstream has soaked up a lot of manpower during the winter months. The airframe was recently lowered off jacks, allowing the tail-planes to be re-fitted. The aircraft is amongst three aircraft that have been temporarily moved outside to create space for three special events: the Big Band Supper Dance, the Tribute to the Canberra and the Cockpit-Fest/AEROBOOT aviation and avionics sale.

After the AEROBOOT event on 18 - 19 June the Jetstream, Gannet and Wessex helicopter will all be moved back inside Display Hangar Two. Pictures courtesy Howard Heeley/Down to Earth Promotions


21 April 2005 - Mildenhall

Making a stopover was Norwegian Air Force Falcon 041 from Rygge. Picture courtesy Roger Cook/Pynelea Photo Bureau

21 April 2005 - Holbeach

Making two bombing runs as part of a 'Global Power' mission was a B-2A Spirit, callsign 'Fury 11', direct from Whiteman AFB. Approaching from King's Lynn at a height of 5,000 ft, the two runs were made at 18:12 and 18:46 local time. It was certainly a long way to make two holes in a beach!

13 April 2005 - Coningsby


Seen displaying with Spitfire P7350 was the BBMF's Hurricane IIC PZ865, which has recently returned from HFL at Duxford after a major overhaul. It now wears the 1942 colours carried by BE581 from 1(F) Squadron, as piloted by the Czech fighter ace Flt Lt Karel Kuttelwascher during night intruder operations. Pictures courtesy Guy Harvey


12 April 2005 - Warton

A rare delight for North-western spotters was the arrival of three Royal Saudi Air Force Tornados for re-work. The Tornados staged through Akrotiri on their journey to the UK. Pictures courtesy John Higgins, AirTeamImages


11 April 2005 - Coltishall

Some schizoid Jaguars can be seen at present - here T4 XX838 (left) can be seen with 41 Squadron marks on the fuselage and 16 Squadron marks on the tail, while GR3A XZ392 now wears 6 Squadron's canopener together with the full 16 Squadron Saint motif on the tail. Pictures courtesy Keith Bilverstone

7 April 2005 - Lakenheath

Arriving for an anticipated three-week stay was the 81st Fighter Squadron from the 52nd Fighter Wing, Spangdahlem, Germany. Thirteen aircraft will be flying training missions using the East Coast ranges and also practicing with HH-60Gs from the 56th RQS, which have been transported to Mildenhall from Keflavik. Pictures courtesy Mark Meades.


6 April 2005 - Coningsby

First sorties for the first Typhoon F2 to be based at Coningsby, ZJ913/AA of 17(R) Squadron. It arrived late on Friday 1 April and is the first Typhoon to be permanently based in Lincolnshire. 17(R) Squadron, which has been based at Warton for the past fifteen months under the 'Case White' Entry Into Service programme, is responsible for the Operational Test and Evaluation of the RAF's newest combat aircraft. It is led by Wg Cdr Jon Hitchcock, who flew the aircraft, which also happens to be the first production standard single-seat aircraft to be delivered to the RAF.

BAE Systems claims that 'Case White', the partnered programme which sees Typhoon delivered to the RAF at Warton in order to ease the aircraft's entry to service, has been a resounding success. The first squadron is heading off to Coningsby on schedule, and Typhoon has outperformed the highest expectations of reliability and serviceability, with the team outflying even the stretch target by as much as 15%, and more than 1,300 flying hours completed.

The Case White programme continues, with 29(R) Squadron due to move to Coningsby in the summer. Further pilots will begin flying training next week, and RAF ground crew will progressively take over operations in preparation for the move. Picture courtesy Terry Senior.


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