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26 April 2006 - Waddington

Joining the Tornados at the Harmston end was Arizona ANG KC-135R 64-14836 - KC-135s from Mildenhall often use Waddington for overshoot practice, but an overnight stop from a Stateside-based machine is not common. Picture courtesy Robin Powney

24 April 2006 - Waddington

Some welcome fast jet activity as Exercise 'Saxon Shield' arrived at Waddington for a week - Tornados from the RAF and Luftwaffe are operating from Delta dispersal, attacking targets on the Spadeadam and Otterburn ranges. Pictures courtesy Glenn Beasley

18 April 2006 - Marham

Tornado GR4 ZA370/DB of 31 Squadron seen with four ALARM anti-radiation missiles on the shoulder (often carried one outboard and opposite an AIM-9, but rare for four ALARMS to be carried on the wings) and four triple-Brimstones on the fuselage. 31 is believed to be the lead outfit for this much delayed weapon. Callsign was Voodoo 1. Picture courtesy Gary Stedman

12 April 2006 - Coningsby

Two 25 Squadron Tornado F3s were scrambled from Coningsby to intercept a Ryanair flight from Paris to Dublin with a suspected bomb on board. Picture courtesy Dean West

12 April 2006 - Waddington

RAF Waddington's Community Relations Officer, Jacqui Wheeler, retired after twelve years in post. Jacqui is a familiar face to many enthusiasts, with her handling of many a photocall in the good ol' ACMI days, and also of course to most of the aviation press 'pack', as she has organised every airshow press day since the commencement of the modern series at Waddington in 1995. A former loadmaster on the Britannia, Jacqui will be busier than ever in her retirement as she takes time to explore the world and enjoy her grandchildren. Best wishes from all at Air-Scene UK!

10 April 2006 - Coningsby

3(F) Squadron builds up - Following its transition to the Typhoon on 1 April, 3(F) Squadron is slowly building strength with the third F2 to be delivered (ZJ923).

The squadron is in the process of preparing the western HAS site for future operations, but the squadron is not expected to reach full strength until the autumn. Pictures courtesy Matthew Clements


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