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27 June 2005 - Portsmouth

Trafalgar 200 at Portsmouth featured a flypast by several naval aircraft and helicopters - here are some of the formations captured during the rehearsals. More on T200 soon... Pictures courtesy Robin Powney


26 June 2005 - Mildenhall

One of only four such examples, unmarked EC-130J 'Commando Solo II' 71931 arrived in the early hours bringing in spares for sister-ship 91933, which was unserviceable at Mildenhall. Both aircraft are with the 193rd SOS (PA ANG), based at Harrisburg IAP. Picture courtesy Matthew Clements

23 June 2005 - Somewhere over Essex

Plane Sailing's Catalina G-PBYA has received a new coat of paint, the former 'Rasta' yellow and green giving way to a more authentic USAAF scheme. Pictures courtesy Damien Burke

23 June 2005 - Mildenhall

One of ATI's large fleet of DC8-73F/71F cargo aircraft passed through - the stretched DC-8 freighters have been re-engined with quiet and fuel-efficient CFM-56 jet engines resulting in a fleet of aircraft that not only complies with all existing US FAA Stage 3/ICAO Chapter 3 noise requirements, but also exceeds them by a wide margin. This should ensure Douglas's classic airliner will grace the sky for a few more years yet. Picture by Matthew Clements

20 June 2005 - Lyneham

UAEAF C-130H 1211 was seen landing at the Wiltshire base. The C-130 Squadron operates from Bateen AB, Abu Dhabi, with the Transport Wing, Western Air Command. Picture courtesy Tony Osborne

16 June 2005 - Luton

Greek AF ERJ-135L 484 was seen departing after a two-day stay. The ERJ-135L is used for VIP transports and is part of the 'Sminos Metaforas Ypsilon Prosopon' (VIP Transport Flight). Picture courtesy Kev Daws

16 June 2005 - Lakenheath

This morning saw the Arrival of six USAF F-16s routing back through Lakenheath after participating in Exercise 'Sentry White Falcon 2005', held at Krzesiny- Poznan, Poland, where the F-16s have been training with POLAF MIG-29s and SU-22s. Pictures courtesy Matthew Clements


12 June 2005 - Luton

Although it looks like an anonymous biz-jet, this is a C-37A operated by the United States Navy. A special air missions aircraft, the C-37A resembles the C-20H (Gulfstream IV), but is eight feet longer, with a wider wing span, a more advanced avionics package and greater performance capabilities. A typical C-37A mission would be 5,500 nautical miles without refueling, carrying cabinet secretaries, congressional delegations or senior military leaders. Picture courtesy Kev Daws

11 June 2005 - Mildenhall

Arriving was OC-135B 61-2670, part of the 'Open Skies' fleet. The aircraft is a modified WC-135B, the modifications centreing around four cameras installed in the rear of the aircraft. Since its primary mission is to take pictures, most of the installed equipment and systems provide direct support to the cameras and the camera operator. Picture courtesy Matthew Clements

11 June 2005 - East Anglia

The traditional RAF flypast to celebrate the Queen's official birthday once again took its usual format, being led by a C-17 and comprising small formations of large and small types. Typically the weather was overcast for much of the route, but a successful 'Windsor Flight' was once again achieved. Pictures courtesy Andy Court

10 June 2005 - Waddington

  Ten years ago you wouldn't have batted an eyelid, but today five Dutch F-16s in the UK is unusual, especially at Waddington now that the ACMI range has closed. Pictures courtesy James Shelbourn

9 June 2005 - Coltishall

The long-awaited final deployment of Polish Air Force Su-22 Fitters to RAF Coltishall began today - four Fitters were supported by an An-26 and C295. Hopefully more on the deployment soon. Pictures courtesy Mike Hall


6 June 2005 - Waddington

RAF Waddington once again acted as Buckingham Palace for the dress rehearsal of the Queen's Birthday Flypast, scheduled to take place on Saturday 11 June. This year is notable for the first official RAF presentation of Typhoon, a pair being shepherded by a TriStar. It's not the first time Eurofighter has participated, as BAE Systems' ZH588 flew in the 2002 flypast. Picture courtesy Robin Powney

5 June 2005 - Mildenhall

Another RC-135, this time 'V model 64-14845 from the 38th RS, denoted by the blue banding on the tail. Picture by Matthew Clements

4 June 2005 - Mildenhall

Air National Guard aircraft in force, including the first C-40C, a personnel transportation aircraft assigned to the National Guard’s 201st Airlift Squadron at Andrews AFB, Md. The C-40C is used to transport Executive Branch, Congress, Department of Defense, and foreign heads of state. It has state of the art avionics equipment, an integrated Global Positioning System and Flight Management System/Electronic Flight Instrument System, and a heads-up display. Additionally, the aircraft meets the needs of customers with its reclining leather seats; flip-down television screens; document center withprinter and scanner; telephones; refrigerators; large lavatories; and an espresso/cappuccino machine. The aircraft also sports an additional galley - complete with an oven and refrigerators - that can be used for preparing a full complement of meals. Also visiting were ANG KC-135s from the Arizona and Tennessee units. Pictures courtesy Martin Sykes

2 June 2005 - Waddington

Officially unveiled was 8 and 23 Squadron's 90th anniversary schemes on Sentry AEW1 ZH103. The paint scheme (actually a large decal) carries 8 Squadron's emblem on the port side (as the senior squadron) and 23 Squadron's Eagle on the starboard side. 8 Sqn was formed at Brooklands on 1 January 1915 and 23 Squadron formed at Fort Grange, Gosport on 1 Sep 1915. Picture courtesy RAF Waddington Stn Photo Section

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