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26 March 2005 - Brize Norton

Gracing the tarmac over the Easter weekend was Luftwaffe Airbus 10+24, normally based at Köln-Wahn near Cologne. The Luftwaffe is busy converting its A310s into Multi-role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft. Picture courtesy Mark Rouse.

23 March 2005 - Waddington

The four Super Etendards departed at 1400 hrs for a mission and subsequent return to Landivisau, having spent the preceding four days firmly attached to the tarmac - Tuesday's missions were scrubbed due to the lack of tanker support. Let's hope they return for another go soon. Pictures courtesy Rick Sleight/Fighter Control.


18 March 2005 - Brize Norton

A couple of rare Italian visitors - Boeing 707 tanker MM62149 and Airbus A319-115X MM62209. The A319, of which the AMI has three, is powered by CFM56-5 engines and carries 124 passengers in a typical two-class seating over a range of up to 3,700 nm/6,800 km. Pictures courtesy Roger Cook.

18 March 2005 - Waddington

Four French Navy Super Etendards from 17 Flotille turned up together with support aircraft CN-235 160 (right) for a short stay - sorties are expected to be flown next Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully we'll bring some pictures of the Etendards soon. Picture courtesy Rick Sleight/Fighter Control.

15 March 2005 - Mildenhall

They used to be as common as muck a few years ago, but today it is rare to see a RC-135 in Suffolk. 62-4131 is one of the re-engined examples - the KC/RC-135 re-engine program involved replacing the previous Pratt & Whitney TF33 engines with higher thrust, quieter and more fuel-efficient CFM56 engines. Additionally, new struts, engine nacelles and other significant system upgrades were incorporated during the process. Picture courtesy Roger Cook.

14 March 2005 - Coningsby

A bit of an international gathering here today - not sure why, but Typhoon did a display at lunchtime and all visitors were night-stopping. Maybe the Finns are interested in buying, but we doubt if the French are...

Thanks to Fighter Control for the heads-up

8 March 2005 - New owner for Newark's Vulcan

Following our recent article, the Newark [Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire] Air Museum’s Trustees are pleased to announce that the new owner of the Avro Vulcan B2 XM594, which is displayed at the museum, is the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association.

Having initially purchased Avro Shackleton Mk.3 WR977 in the late 1990s, the Vulcan becomes the second Avro airframe that the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association have on loan with the UK’s largest volunteer managed aviation museum.

“The Museum Trustees are delighted with this decision, which ensures that both aircraft will remain at the museum site on Winthorpe Airfield”, Commented Museum Trustee Howard Heeley. He concluded, “We are also looking forward to the possibility of forming an even closer working relationship with the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association, which we believe will help secure the long-term future of both aircraft for future generations”.


6 March 2005 - Lyneham

A rare sight in the UK is the Il-76 'Candid', but one dropped in at Lyneham on Sunday for a brief visit, departing mid-evening. Picture courtesy Tony Osbourne.


4 March 2005 - Coltishall

A pair of AMX-Ts arrived at Coltishall at approximately 1600. It was thought they were due at Marham, but diverted to Coltishall due to weather. Pictures courtesy Michael Hall.

1 March 2005 - Lakenheath

Two Saudi Air Force F-15s arrived in the early evening - one a single-seat C model and the other a two-seat S, being the export version of the F-15E. Pictures courtesy Matthew Clements.

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