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31 October 2005 - Mildenhall

Noted arriving for a quick stop was 02-4452, a C-32B that belongs to the 227th Special Operations Squadron, based at McGuire AFB and Eglin AFB. A converted 757-23A, it has been rumoured that there is only one C-32B in existence and that the USAF has four different serial numbers to be used on this aircraft if the need arises - 98-6006, 99-6143, 00-9001 & 02-5001. However, the USAF procured two aircraft in 2000 and 2002, replacing ageing 'Gatekeeper' aircraft - this would suggest the latter two serials are current and correct. The aircraft is left in a plain white paint scheme so that it does not attract attention when travelling outside of the USA.

It is used to fly officials of various government agencies around the globe and is on call twenty-four hours a day for emergency response, operating as an Air Force Special Operations Command aircraft. Callsigns include 'ROCC-**', 'Terra-**', 'Peoples Express-**' or 'Tower Air-**'. It arrived at Mildenhall as 'Terra 71'. Picture courtesy Jason French


26 October 2005 - Mildenhall

Arriving at RAF Mildenhall for a fuel stop on 26 October 2005 was Egyptian Air Force 164626 E-2C from 87 Squadron of 601st AEW based at Cairo West Airport. It is was enroute to the USA via RAF Kinloss on the same day for the Hawkeye 2000 Modification Program. Picture courtesy Jason French

24 October 2005 - St Mawgan

Tornados abound at St Mawgan as the second week of the OPEVAL (Operational Evaluation) starts. All the frontline units are involved, including 11 Squadron, which disbands at the end of the month. Pictures courtesy Morley Lester

23 October 2005 - Mildenhall

A distinctive paint scheme for one of VMGR 352's KC-130s was captured departing Mildenhall. The unit is based at MCAS Miramar and is known as the 'Raiders'. Picture courtesy Darren Rumsey

13 October 2005 - Leuchars

Four F-16AMs from Esk 727 of the Royal Danish Air Force lunch-stopped today, an all-too rare visit from this Scandinavian Air Force. Serials were E-007, E-017, E-188 and E-203. Pictures courtesy Neil Pearson

11 October 2005 - Yeovilton

Two Super-Étendards from Flottille 11F at Landivisiau arrived after some ACM with the Sea Harriers of 801 NAS. Also visiting was an anonymous US Army C-12U-3 from Heidelberg, Germany. Pictures courtesy Nick Newns


11 October 2005 - Mildenhall

It's here! The eagerly expected NASA WB-57F touched down at 18:14 with just enough light for the waiting photographers. We hope to bring you more in a later issue. Picture courtesy Ashley Wallace

Also passing through were a couple of interesting ANG aircraft - a C-17A from the Mississippi ANG and a KC-135R from the California ANG. A US Navy KC-130 made it an interesting day for the WB-57 seekers! Pictures courtesy Martin Sykes

9 October 2005 - Mildenhall

The USMC F/A-18As that had been at Boscombe Down repositioned to Mildenhall on Friday 7 October ready for departure back to the USA today. They were supported by a KC-10A. Pictures courtesy Matthew Clements

1 October 2005 - Mildenhall

A Turkish Air Force C-130E ‘Turkish Stars’ Hercules 12-13187/222 Filo is seen departing RAF Mildenhall after night-stopping on its way through to Goose Bay, Canada. Picture courtesy Ashley Wallace

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